How often is content added to Planet Pron?

We upload photos and videos to Planet Pron every single day!.

What versions of Android does PP run on?

Planet Pron runs on Android 2.2, 2.3, and 4.0+.

What permissions do you require from my Android device?

The permission access required by the Planet Pron app are Storage, Network Communications, and Phone State/Identity. Storage and Network Communications are the most basic permissions used by almost all apps and are required to download content and store cache. ‘Phone State/Identity’ is used to ensure that your Pro or Premium account is not logged in to three or more devices at the same time. We take your privacy very seriously and do not keep ANY information (personal or otherwise) about any of our users.

Is the Pro/Premium video quality really that much better than the Free video quality?

Yes, it is considerably better than on Free version. It is too costly for us to stream everything in high-quality too Free users. A $5 one-time payment will get you a lifetime of hi-res photos and videos on Planet Pron.

Are tablets supported?

While tablets are not officially supported (yet), Planet Pron does work on most of them. Give it a try!

I see you have Pro and Premium subscriptions. Why should I sign up?

Pro members pay $5 one time to unlock full resolution, HD-quality, full screen pictures and images, as well as the ability to save favorite items and increased bandwidth speed. Premium members pay $20 for 180 days ($3.33/mo) and get everything Pro members get without the ads (which means larger space for scrolling and viewing content). When Premium memberships expire, they will become Pro memberships and stay that way for the duration of the account.

How can I submit my own content to Planet Pron?

You can submit content by e-mailing us at or via the submit page.

Are there updates to the app? How do I get them?

The app checks for updates when it launches, or you can manually check for updates by going to Settings > Check For Updates in the app. You will receive a notification if a new version is available. Simple as that!

Do I have to install updates every time you add content to the app?

Nope, new content is dynamically added to the app. No need for you to download any updates (that would be rough, we add content every day!).

Is there Gay Male content on Planet Pron?

No, gay content is currently not included in Planet Pron. The PP team is working on a separate app for the gay community!

Do you prohibit any content from your app? Do you feature any illegal content?

Planet Pron strictly prohibits any illegal and distasteful content, including but not limited to, beasteality, incest, forced, underage, violence, fecal matter, or any other content found inappropriate by Planet Pron and the general public. If you find that there is any content that violates these terms, please e-mail report@planetpron.comwiith the set/video name.